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Iraqi Oil Shortage?
Excerpt: While Iraq may have vast petroleum reserves, getting them out of the ground will require money and time. The money will have to come from consortia of petroleum companies; the time will be required to develop the legal infrastructure of...
Posted on May 30, 2003 07:26 AM Comments: 0
The True Nature of Patriotism
Excerpt: Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. was the commencement speaker at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington this past Sunday, 25 May. While he notes that commencement addresses are not likely to be long remembered, I suspect that this may be one...
Posted on May 29, 2003 02:47 PM Comments: 0
Bush Neocons in Power
Excerpt: Elizabeth Drew has written a lengthy, lucid explication in The New York Review of Books of who the neoconservatives are, how they have managed to take over the Bush administration, and how they have stoked the animus between the Pentagon...
Posted on May 29, 2003 09:38 AM Comments: 0
"Democrats: Profiles in Spinelessness"
Excerpt: I have gotten a bit bored with the rants calling for the resignation of Tom Daschle as Minority Leader so I was only half tuned-in when I went to Arianna Huffington’s twice-weekly column. What she recounts is not boring! Her...
Posted on May 28, 2003 05:03 PM Comments: 0
Critical Media Literacy in Times of War
Excerpt: This site is Flash 6-based and examines headlines and reports of numerous national and international media outlets reporting on the backgrounds to our 3 middle-east conflicts (Iraq I, Afghanistan, Iraq II), the run-up to war, reporting of protests, the conflicts...
Posted on May 28, 2003 11:04 AM Comments: 0
An Idea to Cling To!
Excerpt: The Common Dreams website is carrying a Toronto Star analysis of why the UN Security Council, after opposing the war in Iraq, has acquiesced to the Bush Administration’s demand for the end of sanctions and authorization of the "coalition" to...
Posted on May 28, 2003 09:03 AM Comments: 0
Stating the Obvious
Excerpt: Paul Krugman in today’s NYTimes points to the British Financial Times as stating the obvious about Bushite tax policy: "The lunatics are now in charge of the asylum." The Financial Times suggests that "more extreme Republicans" actually want a fiscal...
Posted on May 27, 2003 08:16 AM Comments: 0
Bad Weather Over America
Excerpt: Opening with two solid paragraphs of questions that demand answers, James Carroll argues in today’s Boston Globe that the absence of answers to them accounts for the political malaise he sees stuck over America today. "Such impossible questions go a...
Posted on May 27, 2003 06:57 AM Comments: 0
Maybe you have the answers?
Excerpt: So what's going on? Is it a bad thing to free a country from a tyrannical dictator? Is it a bad thing to stop a country from developing weapons of mass destruction? Is it a bad thing to halt nuclear...
Posted on May 27, 2003 04:17 AM Comments: 0
The Private Lynch made for TV drama is a fake
Excerpt: Great - female soldier in combat is wounded and abused by captors, then freed by a heroic action of our troops, all caught on video. Great story - but it's filled with lies and deceptions says no less a source...
Posted on May 24, 2003 03:54 AM Comments: 0
And a cheer for William Safire
Excerpt: Never thought I'd say it, but Safire is right on target in his opposition to big media getting bigger. His column in today's NYT is a must read. And as he says himself of his stand: "Does that sound un-conservative?...
Posted on May 22, 2003 04:14 AM Comments: 0
Read it and weep
Excerpt: Chris Hedges, author, veteran news reporter, and Pulitzer prize winner, was booed off the stage while attempting to give an anti-war speech at a commencement at Rockford College in Illinois. This is a sad example of just how sick we...
Posted on May 22, 2003 02:07 AM Comments: 0
Once more, into the visual language breach
Excerpt: Bob Green sent me a copy of an excellent article on multi-media from the March/April issue of "Educause." Called "Expanding the Concept of Literacy," it was written by Elizabeth Daley, executive director of the Annenberg Center for Communications and Dean...
Posted on May 21, 2003 07:23 AM Comments: 0
Left's Voice Is Faint and Fading
Excerpt: I am struck by this piece not only for what it says but that what it says is being said in the magazine Business Week. The opening paragraph is a grabber: Here's a quiz for you: Name the best-known and...
Posted on May 21, 2003 07:19 AM Comments: 0
Whew - is the fox in this chicken coop, or what?
Excerpt: I suppose we can hope he doesn't really like the taste of chicken, but . . . well, read this story in the Washington Post and hold your breath and/or your nose. Hmmmm...wonder how many vote $1 per gallon gasoline...
Posted on May 18, 2003 06:10 PM Comments: 0
Bush and God - a middle view
Excerpt: Columnist Bill Keller has a lengthy piece on Bush and God in today's New York Times. I suspect his perspective is neither going to please the Christian Right, nor the critics who want to park Bush there, but it makes...
Posted on May 17, 2003 01:27 AM Comments: 0
Manipulating what we see
Excerpt: Recently I wrote about what I regard as the importance of visual literacy. Take a look at the New York Times today and you will see an excellent article on just how tuned in the White House is to this...
Posted on May 16, 2003 04:49 AM Comments: 0
Sutlers? Is that what this bombing was about?
Excerpt: Nine of the people killed in the bombings in Saudi Arabaia worked for a company named Vinnell. They're a sutler - an outfit that supplies military training and support to both the US forces and foreign governments. As this article...
Posted on May 15, 2003 06:22 PM Comments: 0
The real stories from Iraq
Excerpt: Here's the sort of thing you won't be seeing on CNN and sadly, probably little of in any of the mainstream media. Today, Iraq is a country under occupation; there is no government, no law nor order. Most shops remain...
Posted on May 15, 2003 12:02 PM Comments: 0
My camera, Islamic radicals, a bombing, and the Pilgrims
Excerpt: On a library shelf I have several old cameras. There's nothing special about these - except they were cameras I used in my youth and as such they have special meaning for me. I find my eyes falling on one...
Posted on May 14, 2003 04:52 AM Comments: 0
"Top gun"? The reviewers have lost their giddiness
Excerpt: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution does a nice analysis here, noting that while the President can do no wrong now, this stunt could come back to haunt him. I especially liked this letter from a reader: "I own a pair (of Navy...
Posted on May 14, 2003 02:43 AM Comments: 0
Oh sure, we're outta here!
Excerpt: This is a fascinating Washington Post story about the group in Iraq designated to search for weapons of mass destruction being about to pack it in. I honestly thought they would find something - nothing like the President and...
Posted on May 12, 2003 09:17 AM Comments: 0
Sex matters - war, death. and destruction don't
Excerpt: Or so it seems. . . Molly Ivins is at her rootin' tootin' best, as she points out that the evidence sure looks like we have highly incompetent intelligence agencies, or the President lied to usin no uncertain terms. Let's...
Posted on May 9, 2003 04:14 PM Comments: 0

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