Washing the blood . . . or out, out, dark Rummy

Lott Joins Republican Critics of Rumsfeld (washingtonpost.com)

Even the Republicans are dumping on Rumsfeld these days, but there's no sign Bush gets the message. The messagei is simple: The unease is with his (Bush's) war - Rumsfeld is just a surrogate target. But the truth is, getting rid of Rumsfeld is not going to solve anything. We owe Iraq and the world an apology, then we need to get the hell out of there - and we need to get an effective world goveernment - and fast - before countries, such as China shoot past us and decide to dominate the world in their image.

As far as I'm concerned Iraq is just a symptom of a much greater disease - and ignorance. I 'd like to see it gone, but we have to do so much more. We are the dominant world power now and from that position of strength we could do good - not by remaking the world in our image, but by making a world where the countries and their leaders are controlled by laws that are built to sustain individual human rights. For that we have to give some - we have to swallow some of our own pride and share some of our power. If if we can't do that, I'm not sure anyone else can. In the final analysis, only the top dog can make peace - only those who have confidence and courage can build a safe world.We are the top dog - but Bush has niether confidence nor courage. Brass balls, yes - true confidence, no. Courage? What - to strut about in a soldier's uniform when he avoided war himself as a young man? Send others off to die in your place and not lose any sleep over it? This is not courage - it is immoral and cowardly.

So yeah, get rid of Rummy if you want - but it won't solve the problem. The problem is far deeper and there are no leaders on the horizon with the guts to even recognize it.

Posted by Greg Stone at December 17, 2004 10:22 AM