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The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Lost in a Masquerade

. . . at leatst Maureen Dowd keeps trying which is more than I can do - the injustice of it all just ticks me off so much I end up spluttering and foaming at the mouth and that doesn't get me anywhere. Anyway, I like what dowd had to say, especially this part:

How did this dangerous chucklehead keep his job? He must have argued that because of the president's re-election campaign, the military was constrained from doing what it is trained to do, to flatten Falluja and other insurgent strongholds. He must have told W. he deserved a chance to try again after the election.

He had a willing audience. W. likes officials who feed him swaggering fictions instead of uncomfortable facts.

The president loves dressing up to play soldier. To rally Camp Pendleton marines facing extended deployments in Iraq, he got gussied up in an Ike D-Day-style jacket, with epaulets and a big presidential seal on one lapel and his name and "Commander in Chief" on the other.

When he really had a chance to put on a uniform and go someplace where the enemy was invisible and there was no exit strategy and our government was not leveling with us about how bad it was, W. wasn't so high on the idea. But now that it's just a masquerade - giving a morale boost to troops heading off someplace where the enemy's invisible.

Posted by Greg Stone at December 9, 2004 09:36 AM