The Zen of voting: Obstacles breed determination

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Faith in America

As usual, I really like what Krugman has to say - especially this:

But it's already clear that the people of Florida - and, I believe, America as a whole - have refused to give in to cynicism and spin.

Far from being discouraged by what happened in 2000, they seem to realize more than ever - and better than those of us in the chattering classes - what a precious thing the right to vote really is. And they are determined to exercise that right.

And it's not just in Florida. Similar stories are coming in from across the country, wherever early voting is allowed: everywhere, huge numbers of voters are coming to the polls, determined to exercise their democratic rights.

Of course, may be this makes me feel good because I assumne a large turnout will favor Kerry. The news on the front page wasn't so good. After getting two federal judges to rule that the Republicans could NOT have intimidators at the polls, a federal appeals court ruled they could. And that, I suspect, is just the opening salvo from the lawyers and judges. Boy, I hope I am right about a decisive Kerry vitctory. A close on for either candidate is going to be pure hell.

Posted by Greg Stone at November 2, 2004 04:51 AM