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This is the Peace Passion Archive for: July 2003
Giving peace a fighting chance
Excerpt: Don writes: This takes you to Howard Zinn's Boston Globe review of Jonathan Schell's "The Unconquerable World," which argues that war in its current state is even more self-defeating than it was in WW1. Zinn seems to find Schell persuasive...
Posted on July 29, 2003 07:29 AM Comments: 0
The emerging war lover - no lover at all
Excerpt: If you happen to be someone who thinks George Bush is a hero and war is somehow noble or at least necessary - don't read this. It will just piss you off. If you can't stand blunt talk with sexual...
Posted on July 24, 2003 03:51 PM Comments: 0
In search of an antidote
Excerpt: I visited Battleship Cove in Fall River yesterday, trying to get a better grasp of a book I’m reading, “Pacific War Diary 1942-45” by James J. Fahey. (Much more about the book another time.) Fahey was on a light cruiser,...
Posted on July 17, 2003 07:10 AM Comments: 0
Not Making a Killing
Excerpt: James notes, in part, in this entry in Aces Full of Links: The New York Times ran a story today about the penalty phase of a murder trial in which it was quite clear that the defendant was guilty of...
Posted on July 10, 2003 10:19 PM Comments: 0
Bringing on the evil
Excerpt: James Carroll had an excellent take on Bush and evil, inspired by the incredible “bring ‘em on” quote. (Thanks for calling this to my attention, Mike. ) What I liked best about what Carroll has to say is this: What...
Posted on July 9, 2003 04:39 AM Comments: 0
Cowboys 'R US
Excerpt: Recently George Bush said: “Anybody who wants to harm American troops will be found and brought to justice,” Bush said. “There are some who feel like that if they attack us, that we may decide to leave prematurely. They don't...
Posted on July 7, 2003 06:14 AM Comments: 0