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So now we're killing civilians!

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I guess I'm glad someone is taking notice that we are killing civilians and this is not good.

But of course we're killing civilians. We've killed about 10,000 of them give or take a few thousand. No one's keeping count, though some are trying to.

Yes - these civilians - the ones in the story linked above - were killed after the war was over, so that's different? But the other civilians are just as dead.

So in the war we and the British lose 100 or so troops - and we kill several thousand civilians. Is something out of balance? I don't want more troops dead. I just can't stand this insanity in which we invade a country we have no business invading, we start a war we had no business starting - and we murder thousands of innocent people and somehow think that's OK because George Bush and his lap dog, Tony Blair, say it's ok.

Posted by Greg Stone at May 11, 2004 09:44 AM
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