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How stupid can bright people be? Bush and Blair, so the story tells us, are not going to turn tail and run because of the attacks in Turkey. Quite the contrary, this makes them more determined than ever to prosecute the war on terror.

Of course it does. And the stupid terrorists are as stupid as Bush and Blair. Every time they are attacked they get more determined and more people get angry and rush tot heir cause.

No one seems to understand that violence just inspires more violence, though we have all the events of recorded history to give overwhelming testimony to it.

Ok, Bush doesn't read. But Blair does - and so do the terrorists.

Somewhere there should be someone in a position of leadership who would have enough true guts to say "enough is enough." I will meet these acts of violence with acts of peace and understanding. I will change the course of history. I will stop acting like a lemming and leading the human race off this cliff. But no, once more we get stuck with Dumb and Dumber, and we follow like the herd anomals we are.

Posted by Greg Stone at November 21, 2003 07:51 AM
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