February 26, 2004

Politics from the Pros

"If a 28th amendment against same-sex marriage were to be ratified, it would only be the second amendment designed to restrict, rather than enlarge, the scope of civil liberties. Of course, the first was prohibition in 1919. You all remember how that worked out. People immediately stopped drinking, all alcohol-related problems in this nation ceased at once, and the next decade became known as "The Sober Twenties." John Stewart

"Consumer activist Ralph Nader announced he would run for president. When he heard about it, Dennis Kucinich was furious and said, 'He's going to steal my voter away!"' Conan O'Brien

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February 11, 2004

Spring training

Yeti, Yeti, Yeti!

Ok, relax. This is not kind to penquins, but they seem to have volunteered for the job and if like me, you need a break - go here!


Click to start things and click to swing.

Thanks for forwarding this, Paul!

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