March 10, 2004

Remembering Spuddy

Bren and I knew "Spuddy" Gray as a childhood friend, Bren perhaps better than me. I think we also were alluded to in one of his earlier monologues and we saw him perform once at UMass Dartmouth and had a...
Posted by Greg Stone at 02:01 AM
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March 07, 2004

Sharing photos online

I got carried away this week, expanding on an earlier theme of all the neat things you can do in terms of putting your digital images online to share with family, friends and the world. I did a lot of experimenting and a lot of writing - and I hope the result is useful to others wanting to share some images. You'll find it all in "A World Wide Web of Photo sharing opportunity." The software I used works on Macs or Windows. The four different approaches taken cover a range of Web skills from the four thumbed to the Web fanatic. I'm posting this notice here because I think one of the big advantages of the Web is to make it easy for families to share their experiences. If you have a family Web site - or photo site - why don't you post the URL as a comment here? And if you don't, why not read the article and see how easy it can be to have your own.
Posted by Greg Stone at 07:29 PM
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