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Charlie, Tom, Carol & us

Hurricane Charlie turned out to be a wicked storm, as I'm sure you all know. What you may not know is Tom was right in its sights, but the sudden turn east it made just before landfall saved him. He writes today:

We are so thankful and lucky for escaping such a big one! We took off some of our boards on Windows and the one on the Front Door, but are waiting on the others since another storm may be heading our way in a few days. This one really devastated the hit areas. So many locals left the barrier islands here and headed east to the middle of the state near Arcadia and ran smack into the hurricane. They say it was the most harrowing experience of their lives. I just put my update to clients and other Casey Key owners on my web site and click on What's New

He also sent along this URL of story telling of the devastation Captiva. Incredible!

Tom had spent most of Thursday preparing for Charlie with a local contractor helping him by putting plywood over every window and door. And on Friday morning it certainly looked like Saratoga was going to be the landfall for this storm. Then, of course, it went in to the south. Meanwhile up here we did get hit squarely, but in Westport anyways that only amounted to a couple inches of rain and a blustery day. Last I heard from Don he was still in Maine. He had gone there for a boat show and run into alternator trouble and so had to stay until Monday. But I assume RI didn't get much higher wind than we got.

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Now they're keeping their eye on Daniele - just a tropical storm now, but heading along the same general path that Charlie took. My favorite hurricane site is here. This is source of the information that gets chewed up and spit out (not always accurately) by the TV weather folks.

Meanwhile, now that hurricanes are in the news again I'm starting to get people feeding me more stories for my Hurricane Carol site - and Channel 10 in Providence has been in contact because they're doing some sort of special on Carol later this month. The new personal stories - I haven;t put up today's yet - appear in this section of the site.

Posted by Greg Stone at August 15, 2004 03:55 PM
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