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Wow! Great reunion!

Reunion sampler!(Click to enlarge.) Here's a glimpse at some of the reunion photos. For all of them, go here. (Click on the thumbnails to get large photos with captions.) As I get more pictures I'll add links to them at the end of this entry, so stay tuned!

How wonderful to see you all in Chatham and what great hosts Geoff, Lisa, Melissa and Emily were! Sorry not everyone could be there - but whether you were there or not, I hope you enjoy the pictures. I tried to get everyone, but I have to admit the younger generations hold more fascination for me. This time it was the "surfers" and the "beach engineers" that really captured my attention - plus the crew in the water that seemed to be watching us. If you have other pictures and have put them on the Web, please let me know. If you don't put them on the Web, but would like to me to include them here, please send them along by email and I'll add them. meanwhile, . go here for the first page of the album. Click on the thumbnails to get large photos with captions. Let us know if we've missed identified anyone. Bren wrote some of the captions, corrected my typos, and helped me get the names straight.

You'll find more about the region we visited in my first entry, and more about the grey seals in my second entry. This entry is devoted to people and pictures and - I hope - your comments, which you can add at the end of this. (Who did you talk with - what did you learn? What stands out for you about the day?) I felt like I had a chance to talk with everyone, but I have to admit I focused on the photography and absorbing the ambiance.

I hope I have all the names right. In the album that is attached I cut the number of photos in half, but there are still quite a few. When someone makes his or her first appearance, I put the names in. But I did not repeat names for later photos. All photos are in chronological order.

More pictures

j_stubbs.jpg Just heard from James. His family reunion pictures are here. Lots of neat stuff that I never saw, or new was going on - like the kids covering one another with the sand. Check it out! Posted by Greg Stone at July 19, 2004 05:00 AM
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