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New photos from Tom, James, and Owings

Andie at fountain - from Tom's slide show. (click to enlarge).

(Update! After I first posted this I received an email from Owings Stone with more photos. You'll find more about those and a link just after the last picture in this entry.)

Tom sent some pictures of a recent visit with Hillary that was combined with his 50th Johns Hopkins Reunion. I put them up adding captions taken from Tom's email. (I used a new free slide program called "Jalbum" which seems to work pretty well. Links on the left allow you to start and stop the slide show. If you start it, then stop, you can go through images one at a time. Or just click on a thumbnail on the index page.) The slide show with Tom's images and captions are here.

Kit. Margaret and Mattie Burke at the Rainforest Cafe. (click to enlarge)

Meanwhile, James has posted some pictures from a recent visit to the New England Aquarium. Also the Rainforest Cafe, and a visit to Stonybrook sanctuary where the girls observed and took notes for their journals.

Enjoy and hope to see you all in a few weeks at the reunion!

(margaret and the girls at the Falls near the end of the Stonybrook walk. (click to enlarge)

Ah. . . l the same day I posted this, Owings sent the following email and link with more pictures.

I've just posted a few photos from some recent weekends with my brother, sister and their families. Check out then select the Saunderstown choices. (The Dallas choice is a visit earlier this year with Dave's brother's to see Dave's new nephew.)

-- For the Stones on the list, the 3 Don Stone kids and 6 grand-kids in these photos will all be at the family reunion on Cape Cod in 2 weeks (as will Don and wife Carole).

-- Jim and Victoria, I have your e-mail addresses but not those of your sister, mother or father. Please share!

-- Lisa, are there other e-mail addresses in your family - mom or Michael?

-- Harrison, you won't see my Dad (your cousin) in these photos, but maybe you'll see some family resemblance?

-- For those of you with dial-up, the sites may take a while to load. Sorry about this.

To all, the images on the site are not the highest quality I have; I use a 5 megapixel camera - the high resolution images I have will allow for better prints if you want them.

I hope you're all well and having a great summer so far!


Posted by Greg Stone at July 7, 2004 04:27 AM
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