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Give you joy!

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They don't call them "grand" children for nothing!

You'll find a scrapbook of the highlights of the past month or so of family fun here.

Last time around I asked about other family Web sites. I feel there are more, but here's what I have so far:

Lisa has a site with some of her spectacular Cape Cod photos here.

Catharen has a family web site here with lots of family pictures she would like to share with you, but you need a password to access it. You can write her at - for a password. She writes:

On the site the listing called Family Party- March 28 has some pictures from a party at my Dad and Carole's house where we celebrated his 69th birthday. (Those start around picture # 100) Steven and Diane, and Pam and Donald and their two children can be seen. The little boy with dark hair is Sam, Dan's youngest. The toddler with curls is Ava, Donald's youngest daughter, and Bella is 4 1/2 with dark blonde pigtails. My daughter Alyssa has long dark hair, and my sons Michael and Steven are blonde. There is an especially good picture of my father and my son Steven who will be 3 in May. It is picture # 143.

And, of course, James is a veteran blogger with lots of interesting stuff on hi site covering everything imaginable. His blog, "Aces full of Links," is here.

If there are others out there - business sites, whatever - let me know.

Hmmmm.. speaking of business, congratulations to brother Tom. He's burning up the real estate market in Florida having closed $28 million worth of business in 2004 alone. He's #1 among all Sarasota realtors right now. AND he has a web site - you'll find it here.

Posted by Greg Stone at May 12, 2004 07:55 PM
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