I have just sent my Rebel and the following letter to the Canon factory. Needless to say I will be without a camera for the next two-to-four weeks, so it is the perfect opportunity to get my existing pictures in order - in other words I am looking for a bright side to an otherwise dark picture. ;-)

Click to enlarge - look carefully at this image and the letter below will make more sense.


I am sending this camera in for repairs (EOS 300D Digital Rebel - Body No. 0960300497 85200047) having been advised to do so by both your online and telephone technical support personnel.

The problem is there are spots on the images that appear to be caused by dust on the sensor. However, I have followed to the letter the recommended sensor cleaning procedures three times and have seen no change in the situation. The spots appear at the exact same location each time.

Looking back over earlier images I find that these same spots appear in the exact same location in pictures taken in mid-March - about 2,000 images ago! However, in these earlier pictures they are much less prominent - I did not notice them at the time - which makes me think this is not just dust on the sensor, but some other problem that is getting progresisvely worse.

This is not a problem with the lens. I have four different Canon lenses and the spots occur whichever lens I use. They occur at any focal length and at any state of focus. They are easiest to see on pictures taken with a plain background, such as the sky. I also have two different memory cards and they appear regardless of the card used, so I am sure the cards are not the problem.

There are several spots, but the most prominent occurs at approximately the following X-Y pixel coordinates:

400, 1000
1220, 1280
2200, 580
2740, 200

Hope you can resolve this quickly and get me a camera that works properly - I love the Rebel and have invested heavily in lenses.

I'll post again and let you know the response from Canon. Meanwhile, I'm optimistic.

Posted by Greg Stone at May 27, 2004 04:30 AM

I think you are too quick to rule out UFOs and ghosts!

Posted by: James at May 27, 2004 06:06 PM

With my penchant for feeling guilty and responsible for just about everything, I probably would have surmized that those spots were on my eyes...

You know, spots are in the eye of the beholder...

Meanwhile, I'm glad you're optimistic ;-) Still, James may be right about those ghosts and sky saucers...

Posted by: Pina Nilson at May 28, 2004 09:55 AM
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