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Sydney, Australia, 5-May-04.
'Twas on the witching hour 05, on the witching date 05, on the witching month 05, when it happened. The sun, earth and moon were dancing with light and playing with shadow. The three came into alignment as straight as a chorus line. Slowly, earth’s shadow reached out over space to embrace the moon.

With a digital camera, we recorded the dance movements of light and shadow. (Apologies: quality is not as good as photographs from Driftwood Observatory!)

By the time the first international flight was landing in Sydney, 6am, the last sliver of moon had vanished. We looked through binoculars. A dull brown lemon was hanging over the west.

After that, unfortunately, light clouds came up and we were denied sight of the moon being released from the embrace of earth's shadow.

Posted by Dominic Gonzalvez at May 4, 2004 09:29 PM
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