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It's gotta be morning. . .

Well, at least it has to be a time when I'm well rested. And that, more often than not is 2-3 am - but there's more. That's also a time when the air is likely to be steadiest - the Earth has given up it's heat from the day. And I suspect - but have never tried to prove it - that this is the time when it is most likely to be the most transparent.

. . . and this morning it was Double Cluster time. Oh my! And one quick Perseid, in for an early appearance. And space junk galore because at this time of year we're not that far from sunrise when the Double Cluster is high and sparkling in the northeast. Another morning - another round with the 80mm EON, anbd 22mm and 7mm Naglers, sandwiching the unbeatable 13mm Ethos - more indellible memories. Time - it takes time, and a balnk mind, and clear skies.

Posted by Greg Stone at August 5, 2008 05:00 AM Comments? Please email me: gstone@umassd.edu

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