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August 13, 2008

A flock of fiery visitors from outer space

We think we know them, of course, because we can name them – meteors. In fact, we can get more particular and call these the “Perseids,” meteors that appear near mid-August of each year and seem to stream out of...
Posted by Greg Stone at 06:10 AM
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August 09, 2008


Once more, tired, but with too many small pains to sleep, I roll out of bed about 3:15 am and as I glance out the door to the upper deck I see it is wonderfully clear. Ten minutes later, tea...
Posted by Greg Stone at 05:13 AM
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August 05, 2008

It's gotta be morning. . .

Well, at least it has to be a time when I'm well rested. And that, more often than not is 2-3 am - but there's more. That's also a time when the air is likely to be steadiest - the...
Posted by Greg Stone at 05:00 AM
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August 04, 2008

From Andromeda: Welcome back!

Putting on my watch cap - now that's a weird experience in August, but I noticed the temperature was 65 degrees and while any reasonable person would call that warm, most "reasonable" persons don't roll out of bed and head...
Posted by Greg Stone at 04:47 AM
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