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Saturn through a 66AT


The above image of Saturn - complete with Cassini Division (a difficult target now) and the shadow of the planet on the rings, was taken by Steen Weichel and sent to me today with the following note. I think it's a great illustration of what you can do with this little scope. (Use the search box on the right of this page to search on "66" and you'll find several reference to my own observation with the Astro-Tech 66.)


Thanks for posting the review, very interesting. I got myself an AT66 at the NEAF in New York this year and thought I would share an image of Saturn I made with it. Notice that cassini is visible, i think its a very good little scope :).

Its stacks from a toucam processed with registax.

Best regards,

Steen Weichel

Posted by Greg Stone at May 15, 2008 09:15 AM Comments? Please email me: gstone@umassd.edu

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