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Ethos vs Hyperion

Well, I've had a couple of reasonably clear mornings to begin to appreciate the Ethos. My conclusion:

Put me on a lonely island with a dozen telescopes and one eyepiece and I want that eyepiece to be the 13mm Televue Ethos.

But give me five eyepieces, and I would choose 24, 13, 8, 5, and 3.5mm Hyperions from Baader Planetarium.


My point - the Ethos is wonderful and I will reach for it first in almost every situation. But the Hyperions are great and I could buy five of them for about the same - or at sale prices, less - than the $620 price tag of the Ethos.

I compared the 13mm Ethos with it's 100 degree apparent field of view and the 13mm Hyperion with its 68-degree apparent field of view in three different scopes - an 8-inch SCT (Meade LX90) , a 15-inch Obsession, and a 4-inch Orion 100ED. In each case the Ethos was better in contrast, edge-to-edge sharpness, and - of course - providing a sense of context with that large field. But did I actually see more detail with the Ethos? Maybe. The three objects that gave me this feeling were M11 ( Wild Duck Cluster), M27 (Dumbell) and the Double Double in Lyra.

In the Wild Duck Cluster I felt I could see a tight grouping of faint stars near its core better in the Ethos. But when it came down to actually trying to count them, I wasn't so sure that the Ethos was doing better. With M27 in the 8-inch i was sure I could make out the brightness difference of the two halves better with the Ethos. And with the Double Double - on two different mornings - I found it just on the edge being cleanly split with a 13mm eyepiece - one morning using the 8-inch and the next the 15-inch. Ibn both cases I could get a clean split on at least one of the pairs with the Ethos and I could not do this with the Hyperion - close, but no black sky! (In the 15-inch this morning both pairs split inthe Ethos - niether inthe Hyperion. ) hyperion_13.jpg

But in all cases I had to look hard to see these differences.

Bottom line: I would purchase a set of Hyperions before buying the Ethos. (Actually, i think my choices would be the 24, 13, 5 and the 8-24 zoom.)

I certainly don't regret purchasing the Ethos. There's something to be said for going with the best and this is the best. I still need to see how well it does in the Barlow, but even without that as a fall back, it is a great, all-purpose, any-scope, eyepiece. But I could live without it. The Hyperions are nice, reasonably priced, alternatives and they've been my main eyepieces for the past year.

One complaint - the Ethps os heavy and with small scopes requires rebalancing when I switch to other eyepieces, such as the Hyperions - and the Hyperions are not exactly light weights.

Posted by Greg Stone at May 7, 2008 05:46 AM Comments? Please email me: gstone@umassd.edu

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