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Spectacular Holmes gets some press!

I've been astounded by the performance of Comet Holmes - but almost as astounded at how little press attention this once-in-a-lifetime event is getting, so I tried to do something about it Monday by contacting the local paper. Here's an image of today's front page of the New Bedford Standard-Times. They even included a pastel sketch I had made. Anyway, you can see the front page by clicking on the link below. View image

And you can see the "throw page" with the rest of the story by clicking on this link:

View image

Or you can go to the Web version here: Web version.

Wonder if the national media will wait until this Comet is past before paying attention?

I only had two problems with the S-T story. First, my telescope is NOT larger than the one at UMass Dartmouth - it's about as large. If you put the video camera on mine it will see more than you can see visually with the UMass Dartmouth scope, and maybe I said something of that and if I did, I shouldn't have, for it obviously confused the issue.

Second, I'm afraid the way the image is used on the front page - and the headline they wrote - it probably gives people the impression this is what they'll see with the naked eye. What they'll see with the naked eye is a fuzzy star. With binnoculars they'll see a small version of the image. With a telescope, they'll see something like my sketch.

Posted by Greg Stone at November 1, 2007 08:46 AM Comments? Please email me: gstone@umassd.edu

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