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August 06, 2005

Me, you, and the universe

Iíve been following the debate about visual observing vs various form of imaging on various online discussion lists. Iím a dedicated visual observer, but I have the greatest admiration for those doing asronomical imaging today and do not see...
Posted by Greg Stone at 03:40 AM
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August 04, 2005

Oh me, oh my, oh Mars!

Mars gave me a real thrill this morning, which got me to thinking Ė if a friend were with me, he or she would probably have been totally unimpressed. Thatís one of the problems with astronomy Ė photographs of the...
Posted by Greg Stone at 03:20 PM
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August 03, 2005

Success . . . and maturity!

It's been two and a half months since the 15-inch Obsession arrived, but last night it was all worth it. I had four hours of excellent observing despite 4.5 magnitude skies that were not nearly as steady as predicted. Why...
Posted by Greg Stone at 10:52 AM
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