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Now this is nice!

Westport Shorelines, a weekly covering the area, devoted two-thirds of their front page this week to an article about Driftway Obseervatory. A good deal of that space was taken by a wonderful picture of one of the Webelo Scouts using the Orion 4.5-inch Dob at a recent session. The back page had a picture of me looking a bit, well, I guess starry-eyed. Hey - the universe always interests me - but when someone's peering into your observatory and uses a flash repeatedly, you never know what's going to be the result. In any event, it's that picture they used with the story on the paper's Web page here. I am assuming that there are issues about using a child's picture on the Web- it makes some people nervous, I know - thus the choice of putting the old man out there instead. That aside, the story does a good job of covering the activities at Driftway and has generated some more interest in the program, happy to say.

Posted by Greg Stone at November 20, 2005 08:35 AM Comments? Please email me:

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