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Einstein said the world was divided into two types of people - those who thought everything was a miracle and those who think nothing is. I think everything is and I enjoy sharing my thoughts in writing and pictures.

I have been doing so all my life as a newspaper writer and editor,contact information a sometimes photographer and since 1993 a web site developer. I have also been in charge of such things as public relations, publications, television production, and web development for a small university. And I have been a teacher of sorts, with my own online classes, and through workshops and direct support I have helped others to put classes online.

You could say this web site is about ego - mine. I won't argue, but that declaration implies some things I don't feel. It's not about either fame or fortune because I'm well past the point of seeking either, or thinking there's anything meaningful to be gained by obtaining either. But there is something meaningful in the act of communications and I know from experience there are some who stumble across this Web site and find things in it that strikes a familiar cord.

So I guess my basic goal here is to commune with you and the rest of reality. Commune's an interesting word of which I've only recently grown fond. I first started thinking about it when the familiar term "holy communion" popped into my head one morning. It's familiar to me because I was raised as an Episcopalian and my father, a minister, celebrated holy communion every Sunday and on other special days.

Of course "holy communion" is a special religious rite for many Christians. But I got thinking about it and I decided all communion is holy - or at least we should regard it that way.

It sort of goes hand in hand with all things are a miracle. The one thing that never ceases to amaze me is that there is something, rather than nothing.

OK, there's a second thing - we are here, we can comprehend, and we can share. I guess that's communion - holy communion.

Commune, says my dictionary, is "to be in a state of intimate, heightened sensitivity and receptivity, as with one's surroundings." And "holy" means "belonging to, derived from, or associated with a divine power - sacred."

I'm real comfortable with both those terms as defined, although the word "divine" makes me just a tad nervous. It comes too close to the word "God" or "god." I don't like that word. It means everything and nothing and has been extremely abused by those seeking power over others. My spiritual concerns are central to my life and sometimes, out of great frustration for lack of another commonly understood term, I use the word "god." But it conjures up such a mish mash of frequently childish images of a sort of George Washington in the sky, that I fear it communicates nothing. You can only have communications when something common is shared.

I like the phrase the theologian Paul Tillich used for god - ultimate reality. God is that which we take seriously without reservation. It is central to our world view. In that sense we all believe in god - we all have a god - though some of us refuse to recognize it as such, but the very refusal merely means that we have a different world view - a different something that we take seriously, without reservation - than that of those who usually speak of God. But I'm afraid all that does is high light the problem.

And as soon as I say God is the "supreme being" it immediately evokes images of either the loving father or mother, or of the first scientist - the grand engineer - who invented this clock, then set it ticking. Or maybe it evokes a view of a capricious power with an evil sense of the comic? Or a sort of adult Santa Claus who will intervene and grant wishes if we ask in the proper tone showing something more than respect?

In short, I'd like to ban the word "god" from these pages, but I'm sure it will creep in from time to time. But I don't want to abandon the thought that there is more to all this than what we see, or are designed to see. I suspect that something permeates all, is within each of us, and can at times, be felt, or sensed, but not reduced to mere words - god, divine being, or any other. And I guess in the end I want to convey my encounter with this ineffable someone, or something in the hopes that in doing so I can touch that common ground that links me to you and both of us to all else.

Whew! - So what will you find on these pages? Stuff like you just read - and chipmunks, raccoons, foxes, planets, chipping sparrows, people, peace, radios, light, drawings, paintings . . . there simply is no limit. But I hope all these subjects - any of these subjects - will be informed by that sense of communion - a communion that is holy.

Greg Stone, Westport, MA, April 25, 2003

Laughter is good for you - especially when you laugh at yourself. A lot of funny things happen - and many of them are shared by the internet. When I find stories, jokes, or whatever, that make me laugh, I'll put them here.

American foreign policy - ''Quo vadis?'' - a shared blog space by contributing writers Donald Douglas and Greg Stone. While the focus is on foreign policy, you'll find a lot of American politics here as America's relationship to the world is a hotly debated issue.

Let me tell you about my grandchildren . . . and children . . . and me and thee . . . all those sort of personal things that are fun to share, or necessary to share, and for me, at least, don't fit sqarely into other categories on this site.

Nature tidbits from personal experience - the beach, the river, the woods, the universe. I love the natural world - but then the more I see of it the more I understand that every thing in the world is natural. This was driven home one day as I watched seagulls in a feeding frenzy while at the same time two men in an outboard boat rushed to see if they could get in on the action! How little real difference there was between gulls, boat, and men!

It's simple - as Bertrand Russel said: "Either man will abolish war, or war will abolish man." This is a frequently updated online journal with many links to material about war and peace - personal notes, discoveries, local events, and contributions of friends.

My friend, Dominic Gonzalvez, dishwasher and dreamer, once said: "When you meditate on waking you gain control before the day fires its weapons of mass distraction." This space will be an attempt to break away from those massive distractions and focus on matters of the spirit in our every day lives. Thought and experiences relating to meditation and other matters of the spirit.

Formal writing, mostly about current events and relating to peace in the broadest sense of the word. Most of these columns have been published on the editorial pages of the New Bedford Standard-Times.

Coming soon: Where to find related web sites with similar material that I find both appealing and useful.

Coming soon: OK, I'm not as organized as I like to think - so this is a guide to things I felt like putting on the Web that seemed like a good idea at the time, but I couldn't fit them into pre-existing formats or categories.

Who am I, what am I doing here, how to contact me.

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