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Light a fire . . .
Excerpt: Don's back from vacation and has an important post on "Fahrenheit 9/11." Seems the conservatives are up in arms trying to stop this from being played in theaters. Interesting how easily free speech gets tossed out the window when people...
Posted on June 21, 2004 08:00 AM Comments: 0
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Now Saturn, a worthy sight
Excerpt: It's amazing! That same race of mental midgets who continue to kill one another in the Mideast can produce something as complex and as mind-boggling beautiful as the Cassini spacecraft. But it has - and June 30th is the key...
Posted on June 15, 2004 09:39 AM Comments: 0
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Venus, Westport history, grocery shopping online and . . .
Excerpt: Hey, did you see the transit? Were you thrilled? Well, I was, but I'm not sure why. I guess because the history associated with the event, plus its rareness, makes it interesting. For photos and a few asides, go here....
Posted on June 8, 2004 10:45 AM Comments: 2
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Rainbows, Venus, peace and war
Excerpt: Rainbows - who can resist 'em! We had a double one - the second was very faint - that went for the full 180 degrees and if you stood in the right place, arced right over our house yesterday....
Posted on June 4, 2004 02:31 AM Comments: 0
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