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Now that's funny
Excerpt: Ok, maybe it's laugh because you're tired of crying. But if you haven't heard about the "post turtle" check out this little story sent along by John Douhan. Thanks John! Now that's funny ;-) (Oh yeah - if you happen...
Posted on November 24, 2003 11:32 AM Comments: 0
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Veteran's Day
Excerpt: OK, so I start off Veteran's Day by listening to "Universal Soldier" - that is the song from the 1960s, not the '90s movie. (Got it at the Itunes store for 99 cents and listened to it on my new...
Posted on November 11, 2003 07:37 AM Comments: 0
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Give you joy of a beautiful eclipse!
Excerpt: And if you don't understand that archaic saying (give you joy) , go see "Master and Commander: the Far side of the World," the first movie from my favorite series of historical novels. (OK, so maybe there won't be an...
Posted on November 9, 2003 10:11 AM Comments: 0
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