Out of the political swamp -into the cool, clear, universe - way cool!

As many of you know I've escaped the fantasy world of political teeth-gnashing and leaped with both feet into the real world of astronomy. As you may not know - but might have guessed - I've created a blog called Driftway Observatory. I've still got a lot of polishing to do on it, but I have posted several items and plenty of pictures covering everything from what drives me to observe, to what I observe with and where I observe. Any or all of which may bore you to tears - this just happens to be my hobby horse. So if you're interested, here's where to sample it all. If not - hey, hope you have a wonderful day ;-)

Of hawks, concrete, and the Driftway Observing Green - the development of a visitor-friendly, outdoor extension to tiny, Driftway Observatory.


Awe, awareness, and astronomy - you may not think there's a close tie between study, observing and meditation, but I do. I'm sold on the idea and here's why.


Obsessed right out of the box - They call this thing an "Obsession" - no kidding, that's the brand name, and who am I to argue with good advertising?


Addendum to: Uh oh! My eyes aren't at the top of my head any more! Or how I had a senior moment that lasted for several months as I angished over, purchased, and waited for my telescope, only to learn . . .


Get the lead out - I'm no longer a gun-nut, but my telescope lead me into a gun shop - no pun intended.


Laser, Laser . . . Hey, this is the real nitty-gritty for those who want to know about telescope optics and how you get everything to work together.


Posted by Greg Stone at May 27, 2005 08:11 AM