The inmates are running the asylum - maybe

Morning update

Kerry has not conceded Ohio. If he wins Ohio, he wins the election. It's that simple.But he is behind by a large margin - 138,152 votes. That's far too great for a normal recount. But the wildcard here is a huge number of provisional ballots that have not been counted and incredibly no one can say just how many there are - Republicans say less than 125,000 - Democrats says more like twice that.

Other questionable factors:

Most of Ohio uses the dreaded Florida punchcards.

There were huge lines with people waiting up to 10-15 hours to vote. T

he Republicans filed several law suits that slowed down the vote and people went home rather than stand in line after midnight.

The other big mystery of this election is why Kerry was ahead significantly in the exit polls, but lost by the same margin when the vote was counted. In other words, the exit polling appears off by a huge amount, not just in Ohio, but in many other important states, such as New Hampshire.

Of course, this is all clinging to threads. It looks to me like Bush won. But it ain't over 'till its over. And we may be in for a couple of weeks of doubt. And talk about poetic justice - what if Bush won the popular vote, but lost in the Electoral College!?

NBC just put Ohio in the Bush column. It ism athematically possible - but practically impossible - for Kerry to win. I would be satisfied with a miracle - but I think I'll go to bed.

My apologies if I gave anyone false confidence with my early predictions. Obviously I was wrong. I though they made sense before the election. I thought they continued to make sense as the reports of huge turnouts and exit polls came in. (At one point early in the vening the exit polls had John Kerry winning New Hampshire by 11 points. It was way wrong. )

People will fret over what went wrong with the election. I don't care. what I care about is what is wrong with the country and how we could be heading in such a totally insane direction. What is obvious to me is we have an incredible division in the country and I don't have a clue how tit will be healed. People see things very differently.

I guess the poll that stand sout with me is the one that showed thatnearly everyone who thinks safety form terrorists is the most important issue believes Bush will offer them the best protection. That's how they see it. I see Bush as a draft dodger who has totally blown the war on terror making us far less safe. How do we heal such obviously different views?

I guess in the final analysis, things will have to get worse - and I fear they will - before the majority of people come to their sense and try to make them better. And by then it may be too late.

So. . . back to Venus, Jupiter, and all those things that are in the real world and genuinely important. Time to remember my meditation and remind myself that I am responsible for my happiness and well being, not George Bush or anyone else. A little sleep should help ;-)

Posted by Greg Stone at November 3, 2004 01:10 AM