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Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

Well, the electoral vote predictor is looking good - Kerry 298 Bush 231 but it's based on a lot of races that are really too close to call. That aside, I suggest that this site is a good election time-waster to keep you from chewing your fingernails to the quick as results come in. There's much more to it than this single map.

I recommend:

1. Downloading and printing blank electoral maps to keep track of how different networks are calling the states.Go to: (This is a "png" file which should be read by just about any graphics program, so just save it an open it up in whatever graphics program you use.)

2. Study this table (link at end of paragraph) to learn how your state is getting screwed - unless, of course, you live in Wyoming or Rhode Island - they sort of cancel one another out. But the point is this is not one vote/one person politics. That''s right - sparsely populated states, mostly Republican states right now - get far more electoral votes per person than populous states. Sometimes even two or three times as many! But hey, this is the greatest democracy in the world - as of 1776. (

3. Or get to understand the Electoral College with all it's 18th Century wisdom in a more complete fashion by reading this page.

4. This site also has some great political links - if you;re a Democrat - , good humor, and a lot of information about pollsters and polling. Check out all the links under the map.

And don't let the talking heads and spin meisters drive you crazy on election night and thereafter.

Hmmmmm. Anyone having an election night Instant Messenger type party?

Posted by Greg Stone at November 1, 2004 02:39 PM