Obsessing on the election

Actually I've been doing a lot of things other than focusing on the election. I watched the lunar eclipse and took photos. (I didn't like the way they turned out, but I loved the eclipse.) I watched the Red Sox beat the Yankees and win the World Series. I've watched as the Patriots extend their history-making unbeaten streak, (To me the Pats are a far mor einteresting team than the Red Sox .)

I built 500-feet of garden walkway, and a "solar system" garden. I refurbished Diftway Astronomical Observatory and thoroughly cleaned two small barns. I'm buidling and testing sundials, taking pictures, doing family things, doing more offline writing, and letting doctors probe me in a variety of uncomofrtable ways,

But online my whole focus has been on politics and "US and the World." ( http://giveyoujoy.net/us/ I update it daily - in fact usually several times a day, You may have noticed this. You probably didn't. There's more than enough political news and views around without turning to my dabbling. But writing it is good therapy. Makes me feel like I'm doing something.

However, on the very distant chance youy've been wondering where I went and why I haven't emailed any updates recently - well, my online persona got sucked up in what I have to believe is the most important election of my 40-plus years of voting. I wish I could say it will all come to an end on Tuesday. I have confidence Kerry will win. He may win big. (Why? Undecided voters tend to break on election day in favor of the challenger. There will be a ton of new voters and most of these will be Democrats. The youth vote is missed by pollsters because of the cell phone thing. Two out of three callers refuse to take a poll. Pollsters base their opinions on the past, but this election is very different and so past performance is not a reliable measure.)

But it won't end on Tuesday because if Kerry doesn't win big - and maybe even if he does - I suspect this election is going to drag on for a month or more as the lawyers have a field day and I'm sure I'll get sucked into that as well.

Posted by Greg Stone at October 30, 2004 07:25 AM