Carol, Frances, Bush, Fjords and Breakfast with Beavers

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This is the 50th anniversary of Hurricane Carol, so my Hurricane Carol site is drawing attention big time. It took 50 years, but the Providence Journal - the newspaper I delivered as a boy - now has published some of my pictures. See the front page story and photos here.(But you have to register - it's painless and free.) Oh, and Channel 10 out of Providence will have a special on the hurricane tonight at 7 pm. What's especially pleasing to me in all this is that I published the web site for the fun of it and never promoted it anywhere - it's simply been discovered by folks by way of Google.

Meanwhile, it sure looks to me like Hurricane Frances is taking aim at Disney World - but that's a 5-day forecast which means it could really hit just about anywhere along the east coast.

There are other new entries in Natural High that I hope you'll check out. Dom and Daphne just returned from a wonderful world tour and have posted some great stuff - and I travelled to western Massachusetts for breakfast with a beaver.

And, of course, the Bush goes on - and on and on . . . and the flal out is reaching Australia. Check out the recent entries in Us and the World.

Posted by Greg Stone at August 31, 2004 05:19 AM