Sand, seals, foxes, donkeys, death, eternal life, etc.

It's been more than a month since I sent out an update. I have quite bit to report, so I'll try to keep it short.

We had a cute - and young - grey fox here yesterday. Got some photos. See "Natural High" :

And watching him beat hell out of watching the Democratic Convention - but I gotta say, Al Sharpton impressed me. For comments on that and much, much more - see "Us and the World" here:

This - from the New York Times - really, really intrigues me: "Work by several theorists, including Dr. Andrew Strominger and Dr. Cumrun Vafa, both of Harvard, and Dr. Juan Maldacena, now at the Institute for Advanced Study, has contributed to a strange new view of the universe as a kind of hologram, in which the information about what happens inside some volume of space is somehow encoded on the surface of its boundary."

See Spirit Space - for more on information, strings, and eternal life:

And I'm starting to catch up in terms of posting the articles I occasionally publish on The Standard-Times editorial page. One unpublished and three recently published can be found here:

They deal with lying, listening, beheading, prison abuse and a question no one wants to ask, let alone answer.

Oh - and we had a great family reunion which probably won't interest most people, but the two postings about the shifting sands (where we were) and the seals that entertained us really belong in Natural High. You'll find them here:

In the "recent entries" list on the right check out "Family Reunion 2: Seal selection" and "Family reunion 1: Where we were."

Aside from that it's been an eventful -for me - month, with the death of a friend, Al Lees - who I think of as the First Citizen of Westport and the construction of a solar system garden and what Don call's my "Darwin path." Oh - and a really satisfying activity we're getting going locally called "Conversation Cafe." There's more on that in the S-T article on listening. More on the other projects and the camera - I'm still not happy with Canon - another time.

Posted by Greg Stone at July 29, 2004 05:32 PM