Light a fire . . .

Don's back from vacation and has an important post on "Fahrenheit 9/11." Seems the conservatives are up in arms trying to stop this from being played in theaters. Interesting how easily free speech gets tossed out the window when people don't agree with the words spoken. Anyway - you'll find the phone numbers for local theaters at the end of Don's post. It's your call, of course, but I intend to bug these folks if they aren;t playing it and thank them if they are.

The 9/11 Commission has me wondering when - if ever - we will have the guts and strength of character to seriously ask - and honestly answer - the most important question - why do they hate us so. I explore this theme in a piece that received good play on today's Standard-Times editorial page. it's posted i in Peace Passion as well. See:

And the Rebel is back - my camera that is. IMHO Canon gets a "B" for service. If you want the details, go here.

Posted by Greg Stone at June 21, 2004 08:00 AM