Whew - what a week!

1. The Canon Rebel I have waxed poetic about on this site has let me down - see image and explanation here.

2. The *&*%$# folks who claim to be selling the drug Lipitor drove me crazy by attacking this site with hundreds of phony spam postings in just a couple days. See this note. - and no, I don't think that Pfizer is to blame, but they should be concerned about it.

3. On the brighter side - well, brighter for one who is not happy with the current administration - Mike sent me a wonderful link to something called "Republican Survivor." You gotta see this for yourself - I laughed outloud - check out this.

4. On the still brighter side, those wonderful folks at Six Apart who make MovableType are getting unfairly slammed (IMHO) for their new licensing fees. I think they are reasonable, I think the product is great, and I've already bought a license for this site. What's more, they're new version of the software that makes so many blogs possible gives me much more control over comment spamming - I cleaned out all the junk - between 300-500 spam message posted to the site - in less than half and hour. And I have better tools with which to prevent this from happening again.

5. Meanwhile, back in the real world - hey, take a look at recent postings in Peace Passion. and US and the World.

So much is happening in the world and in a strange way, I find it good. This may be our darkest hour, but at least people are starting to awaken. Maybe out of all this mess we can somehow find a path to building a better world. But the one thing I agree with the president on is this - it will get worse (thanks to him and the folks he listens to) before it gets better.

Posted by Greg Stone at May 27, 2004 05:07 AM