Pfizer spams?

You would think a drug company as big as Pfizer had something better to do than spam this little site - and maybe they do. But the bottom line is this. During the last couple of days I have gotten a slew of nonsense message posts, all with links leading back to a Web site purporting to sell a drug made by Pfizer.

Given this, you would think that when I spend my own dime to call Pfizer to tell them about this I could at least get past the front door. Afterall, it's a pain in the butt for me - but it's their name that is being muddied in this way. They're right in their with the porno sites that use this same spam technique. So either they are doing something shameful - or someone is doing something shameful in their name and driving traffic to their own site rather than Pfizers.

But I couldn't get past the front door. After putting me on hold for ages, they came back and wanted my "complaint" in writing - this despite the fact that I explained it wasn't a complaint. I was trying to help them. Ah well. Here it is Pfizer -my complaint in writing.

Posted by Greg Stone at May 25, 2004 04:34 PM