Gulls, crabs, lunar light, and much more

Don't ask me why, but this guy just cracks me up - and that's good! The world needs more comedians. (Click to enlarge.)

Ok, I'm really trying for some balance here - something that looks beyond the beheadings and prisoner abuse to a deeper, more meaningful, and more joyful view of life. So my first piece of advice is don't invite a crab to breakfast. Why? Check out: Breakfast at Horseneck. Oh - and be sure to scroll - this is a picture sequence.

On a more sublime note - and some real nice photos - see Dom and Daphne's "Dancing when the light dims, but the music of the spheres plays on."

For a quick hawk ID lesson, try:Don't think - look!

And speaking of meals in the wild, here's why I didn't see any warblers at Swan Point cemetery during a recent trip. Guess who's coming to dinner

And please don't miss Dom's "Fowl Play" from Sydney with fun!

Looking deeper, try this note from my friend Pina in Sweden.

And while it may be a cliche, grand children do give you joy!

And peace! I think I'm at last finding some. That is, I am learning how to look at the mess we are in without my blopod pressure rising and my anger defeating my own objectives of "being peace."

For an example, see: Do unto others ...

And if you didn't know it, check out the connection between Mothers Day and World Peace.

OK - US and the World - a sorry state of affairs, indeed, but Don - without ranting about it - points us wisely to a collection of views of Bush from conservative pundits. Hello America? And, of course, there's much, much more here.

Posted by Greg Stone at May 12, 2004 09:35 PM