Doubt, dancing, warblers and politics

I join the NYT in celebrating doubt and the DaVinci code in the first item in Spirit Space, while exploring piping plovers and circuit boards and how they fit into my own world view - for the moment - in the second item. (See: Never doubts - burn the Davinci Code! and Ceši n'est pas une piping plover)

Meanwhile, down in Australia they are dancing with the autumn light and Daphne has catured it beautifully in the photo entry that currently tops Natural High. Other recent entries cover ADHD warblers and Stony Brook. Bottom line - I'm still going crazy taking more pictures that I can process or post and having a great time. But it's even more fun to see what friends heading down a similar path half a world away are creating. ( Dancing in the Autumn Light and ADHD warblers.

In Peace Passion there's a link to a great article on lying our way into war. (hardly a new thing!) . Check it out here:

There's lots of new stuff - good stuff - in US and the World, but I think the sad truth revealed in one recent polling - Ignoramorama - is the most important. Americans remain ignorant of the most basic, indisputable facts about the Iraq mess and the war on terror. Read Don's posting here - and weep.

And Dom comes to our rescue with a little comic relief posted in "Now That's Funny." See The talking clock.

Posted by Greg Stone at April 27, 2004 04:29 AM