Of grace, perception, stewed Rice and facts

The news is depressing. Nature is not. So lets start with a very lucky shot of a common bird looking uncommonly graceful - except, I'm not sure if my perception matches yours. So please give me your first impression of direction of movement by checking the one-question poll here:


You might also want to test your skill by identifying exactly what it is. Then you can get the rest of the story here:


And thanks for your input!

Meanwhile, there's the goose with the little grass problem. You can see him - and lots more from Stony Brook Wildlife Preserve - here:


Switching mediums we go from grace in flight to grace in the water.


I've been having a good time with family photos and while I don't expect others to be interested in family pictures, photographers might find the one of Paul's birthday interesting. Essentially, it was taken by the light of the cake, taking advantage of the image-stabiliizing aspects of the lens to slow the shutter speed way down and capture - I hope - ambiance. It's the second picture on this page.


Oh yes, I have been watching the news. Found a couple of good sights. One unabashedly liberal. And one that really tries to take an honest look at political lies - eh, ads. (factcheck.org) Check out all the recent entries at US and the World here:


And by then you'll need a laugh and Dom supplied it this week. Go here:


Posted by Greg Stone at April 9, 2004 08:40 AM