It's been a great week! Boy I like new toys ;-)

Anyway -

Take a quasi-bird-identification quiz - or just enjoy some pictures in Natural High by going to "Maybe a quiz - maybe just a gallery" here.

Learn a little about cropping, pixels, resiizing and what's different about dots in film and dots in compters by visiting -"Images, pixels, and resizing" here.

Or journey into the magical world of image stabilization where you can now take pictures at slower shutter speed than you ever thought possible. Well, then I ever thought possible. Visit: "Stabilization magic" here.

Oh yeah, then there's the real world - or is IT the fantasy world? James had a great entry about 60 minutes and the Bush failure before and after 9/11. See: "He knew, he didn't act, then he acted wrong" here.

And Don found this wonderful site that leads you to all those lying - ok, honestly mistaken? - words from Bush and his cohorts, drumming up support for war. Words some of them now claim never to have said. See: "What they really said" here.

There's more. But it's in my camera, or in my computer, or in my mind. I'll try to pry it loose soon, not because I think you're waiting with bated breath, but as I write and try to explain things here I learn. If someone else actually gets something out of it, then I feel even better.

Posted by Greg Stone at March 22, 2004 01:34 PM