Sharp results, Rich humor, food for thought!

Interested in the results of the image tests posted a few days ago? Go here.

And thanks to all who participated and anyone else who was thinking of doing so, but just hadn't quite gotten to it ;-)

Wanna laugh 'till you cry? OK, this one forwarded by Peter has a bit of a political edge, but honestly, folks who depend on quoting Leviticus deserve everything they get and more. So if this wonderful piece hasn't made it into your email box yet , check out "I wanna Canadian!"

And please do look at US and the World. Dom has shipped along a fascinating link to a story about how Australian pilots didn't always follow our lead - thankfully. And below that there's a great piece Mike brought to my attention that I think really gives a genuine inside look at how things work at the Pentagon and Bush Defense Department.

Posted by Greg Stone at March 15, 2004 08:09 PM