Look sharp! Feel sharp! Be sharp! (Well, give me a hand, please ;-)

Thanks for helping me out - as per the message below. I got enough results in a couple of days to help me make a big decision. To learn about the tests and the results and the why and what of it all, go here:

Go here to see the etsts and the results.

Could you help me out?

Playing around with a new camera and different lenses I've become concerned about some of my images looking as if they are out of focus - or at least not as sharp as I think they should be.

SO . . . I've taken some test images and I would appreciate it if you would look at them and evaluate them using an anonymous - and painless - poll you'll find on each page. This does NOT require any special expertise and you should be all done in a minute or two.

Please feel free to forward this email (or link) to family and friends - the more opinions the better. However, also feel free to vote only once. No hanging chads here, please ;-) Actually, it's set up so it's hard to vote more than once and you will probably find that only one person in a household can vote - unless you log in from different machines. But in any event, one vote one person - per test - please. (Did I mention there are four tests? Four sets of images?)

Anyway, I know my eyes are bit fuzzy - I get another diabetes eye test Monday - and I know my brain is a bit fuzzy because I forgot to set the diopter adjustment on my camera and was blaming it's auto focus for my mistakes . . . well, that's another story. When I get some results I'll publish them along with an explanation of what lens under what conditions took what picture. For now, I'd just appreciate your opinion.

Go here to start the tests.


Posted by Greg Stone at March 13, 2004 04:34 AM