More ways to share photos and more of everything else

I got carried away this week, expanding on an earlier theme of all the neat things you can do in terms of putting your digital images online to share with family, friends and the world. I did a lot of experimenting and a lot of writing - and I hope the result is useful to others wanting to share some images. You'll find it all in "A World Wide Web of Photo sharing opportunity."

Maggie did a great cartoon, inspired by Mel Gibson's "Passion of Christ," You can see it here. Be sure to click the image for the larger - more readable, version. She also shared this wonderful little exchange she experienced while trying to sing to her children about a certain fox on a certain night.

Speaking of the "Passion of Christ,' i think the best thing I've read so far came out of a Seattle paper. Even if you don't read the article, check out the brief quote from it in this Spirit Space entry.

I've been playing with cameras and related software and Don's been wrestling with installing System 10 - and playing with cameras as well -so the week has been a little slow for US and the World. Still, I think Josh Marshall really sums up things nicely in his Talking Points blog referenced here.

Posted by Greg Stone at March 7, 2004 07:17 PM