New content, new features

Lot's of new content and new features in this week. First the content highlights:

New features?

Well, I have created new banners (the eye candy at the top of a page) for Dancing with light, Peace Passion, and Now that's Funny. (All done, incidentally, with Photoshop Elements 2 - which to my way of thinking is a real bargain for anyone who doesn't want to shell out the full cost for Photoshop. In fact I have Photoshop and prefer Photoshop ELements because they managed to dumb down Photoshop intelligently - besides, free copies came with my scanner and digital camera!)

US and the World, Dancing with Light, Peace Passion, and Now that's Funny ;-) have all gotten a face - and services - lift. What this means is:

  • The "permanent" page for a particular entry - the one you want to add to favorites or send to a friend - has a special print function. While the pages have a banner and lots of navigational stuff on the right side, all that vanishes when you go to print and all you get is the main content and associated comments. And this happens magically out of view to the user - you don't have to go to a special "print this page" page. (Well, I hope it does - with IE 5 on the Mac my print function insists on throwing in an extra blank page, unless you notice it and ask it to not print that extra page - maybe Bill Gates owns a paper mill too? With other browsers this works perfectly.)
  • On each "permanent page" is a convenient "send to a friend" form.
  • All pages now contain the wonderful Google search which looks at the entire "Give you joy" site - plus a search that looks only in the particular blog you are in at the moment - US and World, etc. (You can even use the Google search to look at the entire Web.)
  • The category archives - which I sometimes call "topics" or "albums" - and date-based archives ("monthly" or "weekly" ) now function properly with brief excerpts of each item and links to the permanent pages.

Eventually I'll bring the other blogs in line and smooth out glitches which I'm sure I haven't noticed, but you may be kind enough to point out to me.

Oh - meanwhile I'm doing some real work and romping about taking photos and adding to albums - and adding new albums - in Dancing with light. The four most recent new photos show on the home page of the site.

Did I mention that each page has a new menu bar, top and bottom, to take you to any blog in the site. Hey, this thing has grown like the proverbial family farmhouse. Now I'm trying to reign it in and make it work ;-)

Posted by Greg Stone at March 1, 2004 05:02 AM