Coding, coding, coding

Which is another way of saying "going crazy" by writing code and having things not work for hours on end becuase one or two characters on a page of thousands, are wrong. Anyway, I'm trying to take care of all the little details to make this site more usable and more consistent and have been for over a week now. The results are before your eyes, but I suspect not very obvious. And maybe that's good. I'd like folks to pay attention to content, not form. But , for the record . . .

*This home page has been redone, as have the date-based and individual archives for it.

* So have the home pages for "Dancing with light" and "US and the world" - and date based, category, and individual archives for those.

* One things that's new on these pages is a menu, top and bottom, with links to all other blogs. Most of what else is new has changed in the right-hand column. Though there are little changes in this section of the page as well - changes in substance, wording, and styles.

* And... I have added a little button to make it easy to email a page URL to friends and

* have added Google search of the entire site or , for that matter, the entire Web.

So explore, please, and as always, all comments are welcome - except for those folks who are using comments as a way of spamming and falsely promoting their sites to the search engines. But I'll write about that irritant another day. Eventually, all of the blogs will be consistent. But each needs more attention, one at a time .. . stay tuned ;-)

Posted by Greg Stone at February 20, 2004 07:40 AM