Now they tell us

If you haven't read this lengthy piece in the NYT Review of Books, treat yourself to Don's excellent summary in "Us and the World." To me it hits at the heart of the problem - we are let down by our leaders in large part because the media does not do its job. Here's the conclusion to asn excellent article:

The contrast between the press's feistiness since the end of the war and its meekness before it highlights one of the most entrenched and disturbing features of American journalism: its pack mentality. Editors and reporters don't like to diverge too sharply from what everyone else is writing. When a president is popular and a consensus prevails, journalists shrink from challenging him. Even now, papers like the Times and the Post seem loath to give prominent play to stories that make the administration look too bad. Thus, stories about the increasing numbers of dead and wounded in Iraq —both American and Iraqi—are usually consigned to page 10 or 12, where they won't cause readers too much discomfort.

But there's a much larger sample here, as well as a link to the whole piece.

Posted by Greg Stone at February 9, 2004 12:56 PM