I'm trying to have fun, but . . .

Hey - I'd rather dance - see "Natural High" for my latest "take" onlife. But then, Bush won't let me alone, so to see what Don has been digging up - with an occasional contribution from me - check out US and the World.

I find it hard to write this war/election/Bush stuff without ranting - Don's more restrained, at least on the surface - and I strongly reccommend the most recent posting from/about the Friends. They bring an air of calmness to the debate without giving an inch on principle.

I think I'll reread that thing Don posted about why people hate Bush. Hate seems to be in season of late and I'm afraid we're in for more before we have less. I, of course, understand why people hate Bush. I even understand why the right wingers hate Clinton. What I don't understand is the visceral hatred they have for Hillary. At that point I know we're dealing with a sickness. So - I'm still trying to cure myself, but I have good days and bad days and it seems when I sit down to write it's always on a bad day.

Think we'll ever return to the civilized business of dealing with issues rather than blindly striking out at people? My solution is to run in some other direction - like Natural High and photography - but then, I can't seem to run far enough.

Posted by Greg Stone at February 6, 2004 07:54 AM