Being peace . . .

. . . and thinking war.

I guess you can just turn off the television. Stop reading the paper. Stop swimming in the currents of hate and violence that are the maintsay of our commercial "entertainment" media. But somehow that seems like cheating. It is ostrich like. Somehow you need to take your head out of the sand, see the world for what it is - which is much more than the fantasy land that dominates our so-called "news." Look it in the eye and you'll discover there's a lot more there than meets the news.

So, for some help in doing this check out the brief item Pina forwarded me today. it's in Spirit Space. And then look at the two new, brief items - one from Pina, the other from Paul - in "Now that's funny ;-)". You need these - well I do - to counter my own short-sighted rants such as you'll find in recent postings in "US and the World" where the exploits of the mighty hunter Dick Cheney really struck a nerve with me - among several other things. (My Cheney vs the Pheseants rant has fallen off the "front page" due to fast-moving events and, can be found here.) You'll also find some more even-termpered pointers In Us and the World of stuff Don and I have found of late that I think is relevant and generally has gotten short - or no - play in the popular media.

Posted by Greg Stone at December 17, 2003 08:03 AM