The best on Bush (not a rant)

Molly Ivins has written a super article about George Bush which Don posted on Us and the World. I think it is, plain and simply, the best thing I've ever read about Bush.

This is Molly at her absolute best and I would say is "must" reading, especially for Bush haters. The haters are legion, I'm one of them, and that fact is something that has bothered me deeply. Hate doesn't get us anywhere. We need to understand this guy and where he's coming from, and Molly opens several windows into the Bush soul in this piece.

Besides what Don quoted, I particularly liked this observation.

"Bush has simply never acknowledged that not only was he born with a silver spoon in his mouth -- he's been eating off it ever since. The reason there is no noblesse oblige about Dubya is because he doesn't admit to himself or anyone else that he owes his entire life to being named George W. Bush. "

If that sounds too unfriendly, you need to read the entire article to pick up the other side of him - to understand that he is not simply mean, or stupid. But he is ignorant - ignorant of the world both in Texas and on most of the rest of the planet. And so he does mean things.

That said, I don't think we have a prayer of stopping him unless we shed the hate, understand what we are up against, and probe for the genuinely weak spots which Molly does here. The problem is, our hate simply leads to rants against Bush and rants against Bush simply anger his supporters and turn off those in the middle who we have to reach.

Oh, and that said, you'll find several other recent postings about Bush from Don that are also good reading. It's just that the Molly Ivins piece, for me, speaks to this particularly nasty - and self-defeating - strain of Bush hating that IUknow is quite prevalent among hose of us who oppose him.

For a sample of my own recent ranting style, see - of all things - Peace Passion.

And for a little relief from all this, check out "Now that is NOT funny " in , well, Now that's funny ;-) (Thanks Bradie.)

Posted by Greg Stone at December 6, 2003 06:09 AM