Now that's funny

Ok, maybe it's laugh because you're tired of crying. But if you haven't heard about the "post turtle" check out this little story sent along by John Douhan. Thanks John!

Now that's funny ;-)

(Oh yeah - if you happen to be high on George Bush, skip this one. I don't want to ruin your holidays - inf act stop reading right here ;-)

So, continuing in the same vein there are several new - brief - entries in Peace Passion that run counter to my goal of "being peace" but, hey . . .

Peace Passion

(Check out the "recent entries" link on the right for more. )

Oh - and my good friend Don Douglas, knowing how much I have been wrestling with this business of hating Bush - has posted a wonderful Molly Ivins entry on the topic in US and the World.

US and the World

One thing I agree with - the right is very much better at hating than the left. Why? because it fits their ideology of a black and white world - it's all very clear to them. The good guys wear white hats, the bad guys black ones. Good vs. evil.

Judge least you not be judged - ahhhhh, that's for those liberal sissy types. I sew the labels on around here and I'll tell you who is evil and who is not.

It must be wonderful not to have to think. ;-)

Posted by Greg Stone at November 24, 2003 11:32 AM