Hurricanes, hawks, Bush, idiots

I love this comment from the "discussion" portion of the National Hurricane Center's latest advisory on Isabel:

The near-unanimous guidance makes this a high confidence
forecast...but those away from the forecast track should not let
down their guard just in case the guidance proves to be unanimously

For more on Isabel and hawks see Natural High. (During the last four days on Wachusetts there have been fewer than 50 hawks senn! They may break loose today, of if they are getting the hurricane reports, they'll probably wait until Saturday or Sunday ;-)

Meanwhile, the Hurricane Carol site keeps growing slowly with interesting reports from elsewhere. The Westport History site is growing - but the new photo section is not quite ready for primetime. And I'm trying to use my "mindfullness" practice so that I can pass judgment on the actions of folks like George Bush and Osama bin Laden without feeling the animosity towards them that occurs naturally. So I published how Bush cheapened 9/11 without comment in "Us and the World." But boy those folks in Palestine and Israel are trying my patience. (See Peace Passion.) A friend once said "let's nuke 'em all." There are certainly days when I sympathize with that idea!

Oh yes - and did I mention getting more and more infatuated with Steinbeck? Now I'm reading "The Grapes of Wrath." Surely some high school or college teacher asked me to do this long ago? But it is all new and fresh to me now and a wonderful dicovery thanks mainly to Bren's enthusiasm for Steinbeck. (She's way ahead of me on this ;-)

Posted by Greg Stone at September 17, 2003 05:32 AM