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"Flights of Conflict" in "Natural High" takes a look at two not-so-new books that purport to be about flying. One is, but I didn't like it. One isn't, and I did like it. The Hurricane Carol site - a part of Natural High - has been expanded by a reader who gives us a fascinating account of her experience living on the beach in Gallilee in 1954, a small community on the South coast of RI that took the brunt of the storm. Her family made their escape in a 1947 Ford Woody. She's promised pictures. I'll add them when I get them.

There's plenty of new items, of course, in Quo Vadis "News and Views." Oh, and there are answers to the "Century of Children" posting in Family.

I haven't said much about Bush lately. I think it's partly because I can't believe how absolutely badly things have gone. A comment on the "Moon is Down" piece, however, sent me back to review my original reaction to September 11. That depressed me more because if nothing else, it reveals how absolutely predictable all this mess was. We just marched right down the road of answering violence with violence and ignoring the law - missing an opportunity to do something incredibly right and instead destabilizing the world, turning friends into enemies, and giving enemies the recruitment tools they previously lacked. And having thumbed our nose at world opinion, we have the unmitigated gall to now tell the world it has a responsibility to bail us out.

Posted by Greg Stone at September 8, 2003 07:46 AM